MA - 453

On September 30, 2011, Massachusetts enacted a law, MGL Chapter 453 Section 3, which requires all homeowners to upgrade the oil line between your tank and burner if it is in direct contact with a floor surface. This bill is aimed to facilitate homeowner heating oil spill remediation. This law states that insurance companies will be required to offer pollution insurance coverage to homeowners that comply with certain oil tank system safety specifications. This includes requiring residential property owners with heating oil tanks that have a fuel supply line in direct contact with a concrete floor surface to 1) enclose the line with a continuous non-metallic sleeve, or 2) install an oil safety valve.

Why is it Important?

Many homeowners are unaware that most fuel oil feed lines are made of copper, and that bare copper can degrade when in direct contact with concrete. This chemical process could cause a possible failure or leak from your oil feed line. Should this happen to your feed line, we have the skills and equipment necessary to provide you with a new, safe, sleeved line. Compliance will enhance the safety of your oil heating system and guarantee that you can obtain pollution coverage from your underwriter, should you request it.

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