Fuel Oil Programs

We at Ludlow Heating & Cooling understand that energy needs differ from customer to customer. We've created fuel oil programs so our customers can have individualized options when it comes to fuel payments. Our 5-Day Discount Pricing and our Budget Plan can be combined to offer our most manageable and affordable payment method!

5-Day Discount Pricing

At Ludlow Heating & Cooling, we like to reward our customers who pay their delivery bills promptly. If you pay your bill within five days after your fuel delivery, we will reimburse you with a discount of 6¢ per gallon off the charge of your entire delivery! If you are a customer on our Budget Plan and you also sign up for our 5-Day Discount Pricing program, you will receive an additional 2¢-per-gallon discount! Senior citizens can benefit from an additional 2¢-per-gallon discount, as well. Our 5-Day Discount Pricing program helps you save on fuel costs AND can help to keep your payment schedule more manageable and organized. Lastly, being a Senior Automatic Delivery customer, your discount turns into a .10 cent discount off of the charge price when paying your bill 5 days after delivery!!!

Our Budget Plan

Take the guesswork out of your heating bills with our Budget Plan! This plan estimates your total annual heating bill and divides your payments equally over the course of the year. As an alternative to having expensive bills during the middle of the winter, you can have moderate, affordable bills equally spaced throughout the year. Taking advantage of this payment method will help to keep your budget manageable and will ensure that your bill comes each month with no surprises!

Automatic Delivery

When you sign up for Ludlow's automatic oil delivery, you enjoy multiple benefits. Not only are you stress free knowing you won’t run out of fuel, you don't have to stare at your tank levels and try to figure out when your next delivery should be! We also take into account the weather and temperatures and will schedule deliveries sooner when weather goes from warm to cold! we've got this, don't worry!

Call us today at (413) 583-6923 to sign up for our 5-Day Discount Pricing, our Budget Plan, or both!